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Why wool?

Wool is naturally insulating – Cool in summer and warm in winter 

Wool is 100% natural – no off-gassing

All WOOLgathering wool is Alberta Grown

Our wool is Triple washed and rinsed

Wool is 100% fire retardant

Wool deters pests and does not harbour fleas or mites

Wool is elastic – it does not compress easily

Wool is hygroscopic: “As the humidity of the surrounding air rises and falls, the fibre absorbs and releases water vapour. Heat is generated and retained during the absorption phase, making wool a natural insulator.”


Wool - the Ultimate Renewable Resource

Wool has a natural loft, which creates air spaces within the garment or product,  

It is this trapped air that makes wool such a great insulator

Locally Grown

All of the wool that WOOLgathering uses in our products is sourced in Alberta.

Most comes from within 60 miles of our location. 

We believe it is important to support local farmers.


Skirted and Sorted

The wool used in WOOLgathering's products is hand sorted to remove large pieces of debris.

It is during this stage that we select only the very best portions of the fleece to process into stuffing or yarn

Triple Washed and Rinsed and Air-Dried

All of the wool that we use is washed at least three times.  The first wash and rinse are with cool water, to remove the 'barnyard'.

After that the wool is washed and rinsed two more times at 150 degrees F .

This removes the Lanolin and any remaining dirt.

Once clean, the wool is laid out to dry naturally in the sun and wind.


Prepared for Use

How the wool will be used determines how it will be prepared.

Wool for Dog Bed stuffing is 'picked'.

Wool for Mittens and Accessories is 'carded' to prepare it for spinning

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